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Switch the Copter on and it takes off automatically and then descends. On descent hold the handset paddle beneath it. The Copters radar sensors will detect the paddle and send the copter skyward once more!

For two players use the additional paddle included to wave air and direct the Copter to your opponent. In turn they have to wave it back to you while ensuring the Copter hits no obstacles. Obstacles hit will cause the Copter to shut down and game over. Re-start by pressing the Copter's on button and the handset button.

Try using your hands and feet for an even cooler game experience. The skill is keeping your Copter airborne for as long as possible!

TX Juice RC products all feature the Juice button. PRESS TO ACTIVATE!! The exclusive button on all TX Juice RC handsets unlocks our ground-breaking, innovative or patented features including Artificial Intelligence to Power-Ups to Turbo or Auto modes.


• Radar Copter with built-in proximity sensor and rechargeable Lithium polymer (Li-poly) battery
• Infra-Red Sensor Paddles Requires 4 x AA 1.5v batteries (not included)
• Extra Paddle
• Instructions

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