TX Juice Cyber Vamp Realistic Flapping Wings

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Cyber Vamp by TX Juice is the greatest ornithopter for ultra-realistic flights. Using the Flapping-Wing system, this bat looking gadget is an ideal toy for the park or back garden fun.

Simply throw the Cyber Vamp into the air and prepare to be amazed as it climbs higher and higher in circles. Watch how it then circles it's way back to the ground using the easy glide system for a safer landing.

The EPP body construction, carbon rod and mylar wings makes this Cyber Vamp super tough as it is great fun to fly. Best of all pre-set the auto flight pattern circles to make them large or small. Crash resistant EPP body construction with carbon rod Mylar wings ensures it's as super tough as it is great fun to fly. Press again to auto-land the copter.

Charge the Cyber-Vamp in seconds, up to 20 seconds for a magnum charge and long flights.
TX Juice RC products all feature the Juice button. PRESS TO ACTIVATE!!The exclusive button on all TX Juice RC handsets unlocks our ground-breaking, innovative or patented features including Artificial Intelligence to Power-Ups, Turbo and Auto modes.


• Cyber Vamp + Built-in Rechargeable Super capacitor
• TX Handset
• Instruction Manual

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